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    HI I have converted my website using the Midway theme to a HTML site.

    The Pro’s – The site is now in the top ten under Google. I have always thought that Google prefers plain HTML over WP now I am certain it is the case as I only managed within the top 30 under WP. I have also been able to increase the speed by removing scripts and code that I do not use. I can also adjust each page how I want it to be. For me the greatest time saver is not having to worry about WP updates which have caused me many lost hours in the past. It is very simple for me to upload amended pages to the server using FTP.

    The Con’s – However, a word of warning if you are considering doing this, you will lose a lot of functionality that you get in WP. Poland Travel Guide does not take any bookings and does not keep any records of clients or customers, it is a simple guide to the country of Poland. Also, I have to manually adjust each page so a knowledge of basic coding is helpful.

    I still love this theme even though I have looked at many other travel themes and templates but am very grateful to the designer for all his/her hard work.

    ihor Staff

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