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With or without the Academy? How to move from one theme to another.


    Hello, Ihor and everyone.

    The need to switch to a new theme arises sooner or later for any website.

    There are such risks:
    1. Even specialised learning management systems certainly risk going out of business.
    2. Moving an established site with many plugins turns out not to be such an easy job.
    3. My odd mistake with the choice of theme to replace the Academy theme also gave me something to think about.

    I’ve been thinking about the best way to maintain a site for a small business with minimal hired work. My preliminary conclusions are as follows:

    1. Learning WordPress to work independently and develop a site on an old theme is very time-consuming. Even if this knowledge complemented my skills well, I hardly would use it often to consider such an investment worthwhile.
    2. The best value option is to choose a suitable theme that uses new UX and technology.
    3. Accordingly, the most sought-after competence in such a situation is the ability to quickly commit data export from one LMS to a new one.

    1. Am I right?
    2. If yes, is it possible to export data from one LMS to another easily?
    3. How to approach this issue? Is it possible to master this task on your own? What should I read or study to ensure I get a quality site transfer to a new theme?

    Best regards!

    ihor Staff

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