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[WISH] Import utility for Quiz questions

  • javacafe

    First, the Academy theme is absolutely terrific. Changed the way I have done things for many years.

    Anyhow, here is my request/wish . . . I have long/substantial test banks for each lesson in my courses. Currently, creating a quiz involves having to type each question, choosing the “type” from a drop down menu, typing in the options, and them marking a check box to indicate the correct alternative. Then, rinse and repeat. For each question. If you have a set of 100 questions, we are talking about an enormous amount of labor.

    I would like to see a utility that would import questions into a lesson. This is usually a core feature of most, if not all, of the LMS I have worked with over the years.

    Also, if any of you have a trick/tip for doing this in an efficient manner, please share. Thanks.

    ihor Staff

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