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Tour Types in url

  • frankie_it

    I’m in the need of outputting the tours grouped by types, so I thought that one of the following urls would have worked it out:

    http://mysite.com/tour/Nature or http://mysite.com/tours/Nature

    I tried both singular and plural (touand tours) since in my language the correct form is tour for both and the url  http://mysite.com/tour is fine and displays all of the tours.

    Please also note that I translated the US_us using poedit and that everything is working fine .

    The permalink structure has been set to /%category%/%postname%, first it was /%postname% only; I’ve also tried to revert to the WP standard one and get back to /%category%/%postname% but it’s not working at all.

    What I get is a not found page.

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance,

    ihor Staff

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    it works!

    once more, thank you very much.

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