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  • kevin

    Hey there Ihor!

    First off, thanks so much for making this theme – this is exactly what I was looking for! Two questions for you.

    We are planning on using this for mandatory training for new hires (I work for the government, so there is lots of required teaching =D). So, the first question is is there a way to add a bunch of users (or even all users) to a course? I need to send out this course to hundreds of people and don’t want to use the individual student add feature to add all of those people individually!

    Second, is it possible to create a time requirement for each lesson. I need to ensure that users are on each lesson for x amount of time (it would be different for each lesson) before moving to the next lesson. So ideally, the lesson would just have a time field and I can enter say in minutes or seconds how long they must stay on the lesson before they can press the next button. Does this make sense? This is to ensure they aren’t just clicking next/next/next through a course.

    Thanks again for your support!


    ihor Staff

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    Thanks Ihor,

    Will definitely check out number 1.

    For number 2, any plans for you to implement it? I think the easies solution would actually be to simply hide the next button with javascript and put it on a timer to then show. It would be easy if that time value was stored as a custom field and a variable and then just used that variable in the JS file.



    ihor Staff

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