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Some Bugs and some questions about Makery

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    First, thank you for the theme, i like it and and think that it will be better in the future.

    So, i just installed the theme and i have some problems/bugs/questions:

    1 – The idea is use the “Approval”, works Good, but when a Costumer EDIT a product, i need that will be Reviewed too. How can we Enable Approval for Products Edit?

    2 – A Problem with the Theme (or not), causes that when (for example) i added [Section]xxxx[/Section] in the index page, After the footer the Content (products…) are duplicated. I checked the codes and i don’t see anything stranger.

    3 – Problem with Stock: I’ve tested with products, i need that the max Stock be “1”, so the Costumer just can sell one item of the same product (particular clients). In old version There was compatibility with “Pursache limiter” to limit it. Now i see that the other clients can Purchase the same product (1 in stock) more times… and i’ll have problems Lol.

    I Edited the code of Cart to force max_value to “1”. So in the order they can only purchase 1, but we still can make more orders for this product.

    ¿A Stock update bug?

    4 – The remove button don’t shows on the cart page, so i added it editing the code. I tell you for next Theme Updates.

    5 – Any tutorial to explain the difference between Payment Options (maxs-mins…)

    6 – In Product Page, the “Share” butons of Jetpack/sharedaddy are duplicated. The display in “Shops” is correct. Theme issue?

    7 – Any idea to display the Red Circle Numbers in the Admin near “Products/Shops/Payement” as notification when new posts received for costumers? Notification with email (using plugins) will explode the email box.

    8 – Ideas to activate the Pop-up after adding to cart. Because the Costumers just see (or not) the Amount added to the cart, and when in the cart there is more than a product (for different Shops) the amount doesn’t change. You know, the pop-up of “Continue shopping-Go Checkout”.

    9 – When the Costumer buy different products from different Shops, the Amount he see on the Cart bar is only for one Shop. How can we put the Total Amount of all the Cart to be displayed.

    10 – Ok guys, that’s all…. for the moment! Lol

    Thank you! 🙂

    ihor Staff

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    I want to give approval after editing the product

    Can you help me ?

    ihor Staff

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