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Shortcode for Audio Player not working

  • BHM2016

    Goal: display audio in the player just like this page has => http://themextemplates.com/demo/academy/lesson/lesson-with-self-hosted-audio-7

    What was done: used shortcode [player url=”audio mp3 url”]Title here[/player]

    Problem: this seems to be a player for a video, does not display as the example link above shows. (also, pressing the play button does nothing.)

    How does one achieve the layout of the example?


    I’m not sure what was going on. I hand typed that shortcode and it didn’t work. I then used the blue plus button to build the shortcode and that worked. Strange because it was identical (or so I thought) to what I was typing.
    If anyone reads this, just use the blue plus(in the post toolbar) to insert the shortcode that you want.

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