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Quick Follow Up on Telly :)

  • goodkarma

    Hey Ihor – I’m curious if you have a general time frame in mind for the LMS/video theme you are building to replace Telly? I’d love to use one of your themes for our instructional videos – and I’d also love to be able to show our members how to build something similar for themselves on WP. (the WC integration with subscriptions and questions, is absolutely perfect for my use case)

    I know you won’t be supporting + developing Telly due to the completely crazy accusations of the Vlogger author (it’s insane to me that you had to drop this product as there is no similarity between the themes at all) – but hoping we could use Telly anyway – and buy your new theme when ready. (as long as the videos will migrate well to your new framework)

    Let me know! Thanks – Ian

    ihor Staff

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    Hi Ihor – Sounds like good news on both accounts! (The fact that you’ll keep supporting Telly – I’m happy to buy it again from you – or from Mojo themes or where-ever) and the new video/LMS theme as well – please keep us updated here)

    Why don’t you also consider offering it directly from here – (your site) – as I know many authors do that with some success – on their non TF themes – and it feels like an obvious compromise as well. (although not sure if Mojo themes will let you do that if it’s listed there)

    I’ve done lots of “reviews” of themes on Youtube for our community – especially for themes that are specialized for niches + marketers (directory themes, marketplace themes, etc – for brand builders) – and would be happy to do the same for Telly – and send traffic to the theme, wherever it’s sold.

    See some of the youtube videos below for MYLISTING directory theme, Listify, Listingpro, etc.




    Just keep us updated once Telly goes back live – and with the new LMS theme as well – I’m happy to share a suggestion/wishlist with you for the new theme – as I know what is most useful in my own video courses – and think you came pretty close to getting most of them included in TELLY – which is why was so excited to launch something new with it – and why i’ve been so vocal about hating to see it go away 🙂



    ihor Staff

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    Hi Ihor – per the suggestions above – (on Telly in a previous post – and for the next version of your LMS video theme) – I’d recommend the following:

    1. The features you have built into the theme already (telly) are well done – so i’d incorporate them in the next design for sure.

    2. A more intuitive integration for Questions (with plans – and allow users to ask questions – and potentially, even answer questions, for a more interactive engagement element to the community – user generated content is great for LMS content communities)

    3. More robust and refined back end user functionality

    4. Locked/protected videos have a much more obvious UX/UI – now – it’s confusing what videos are protected or not – and that is probably the biggest weakness of the theme – it simply “re-directs” to a payment page without any user understanding that the video is protected/or premium content (there are other themes that do this well – a PROTECTED icon or something similar)

    5. in a perfect world, you’d have marketplace oriented features incorporated as well – a la – MAKERY – this would be a killer LMS marketplace (where folks could submit videos to an LMS marketplace/platform and earn comissions on sales) There is nothing like this now with native subscriptions – and Makery is still incredibly unique and innovative (we purchased it) – although the design is dated – if you could do this for video – with your next LMS theme – it would be a complete home run.

    I’d also love to see other normal posts protected as well – this can be done with Telly with a video (e.g. – a blog post or PDF attachment, etc within the content) – but this would be an extra little bit of awesome as well.

    Thanks – let us know if Telly goes back for sale – it does have some minor issues – but i’d love to be able to do a video of the theme and help send some traffic your way.


    ihor Staff

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    Sounds great, Ihor – if you could integrate “marketplace” style features to a video based LMS – no doubt, you’d have a huge homerun for a theme. (there are tens of thousands of people using Teachable/Thinkific/Kajabi/Podia/etc – that would love to use WordPress instead – if there was a good option – and marketplace functionality is a very popular reason folks pick on LMS platform, over another)

    (i’m not a coder – but owning Makery already – and knowing the marketplace features are already there – you seem to be in a unique position to deliver something great for video, LMS and commerce already)

    Thanks — if you need someone to test the theme or offer feedback – happy to help.


    Hey Ihor – is Telly now officially off the market? I didn’t see it on Mojomarketplace – (per your previous update) – curious if you have a rough ETA on your next video based theme – we have a pretty pressing need for a video based LMS theme for a bunch of community courses – if you think your next video LMS will be released over the summer – I’d wait. (especially if you build in marketplace style features -e.g. – “Makery for video LMS”) I have tons and tons of teachers in our community as well – so sure we could send you some nice customer referrals – as many of them are dying for a WP based LMS theme that actually works.

    Thanks – Ian


    ihor Staff

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