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  • goodkarma

    Hi Ihor – do you expect to be integrating plans (subscriptions) + questions in a future update? (I thought I had read you had that planned on the TF comment thread last week – and think it would be an awesome feature for enticing folks to subscribe)

    Also – I’m wondering if there is a way to more prominently position the “Ask a Question” form on a page – preferably in an “above the fold” sort of position – rather than at the bottom of the list of Q’s. (it appears more like a “comment” form one might expect on a blog post in that position – and I fear ordinary readers won’t notice it -and realize it is meant to faciliate conversations.

    I’d like to do a video walkthrough of the theme for my own audience on FB and youtube – as lot of these folks are building video based LMS communities – just want to make sure it is 100% ready to feature subscription based content, before I do.

    Thanks – Ian

    ihor Staff

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    Hi Ihor – I did see that – and it’s really unfair – and quite disappointing – as I really love the theme and think it ought to sell really well for you – hoping you don’t stop developing it due to what feels like an insanely confused competitor. (The 2 themes are nothing alike other than the video focus – it’s completely bananas to think one is a copy of the other when they look completely different – and they do completely different things)

    I want to use the theme on a new project – but a few of the features (like subscription oriented Q and A – and a better “locked” video display feature for protected videos) are going to be important for a live site – so hopefully that stuff is still coming in the not too distant future – and if you need a consumer email/letter or perspective to offer to counter the DMCA or TF queries – let me know and i’m happy to share what I wrote the other day in support of Telly on TF that “Themes2go” reported/flagged. (I saved a copy – expecting that would happen) Thanks 🙂

    ihor Staff

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    Hi Ihor – sorry to hear you’ll be removing Telly – I find it deeply mysterious though – and a tad troubling – that someone can just “claim” a competitors product is a copy – and force it off the market – without any real evidence or credibility to the claim.

    That said – if you created another LMS oriented video theme – paid subscriptions – featured Q and A (an innovative feature for this sort of site – and one that many creators would use for user engagement and subscriptions) – integrated with WooCommerce – it would sell very well.

    If you were able to incorporate some “marketplace” style features (like Makery, but for video submissions – e.g. – a user could submit LMS oriented video content and get paid for subscriptions from the site owner) – this would be an amazing (and much needed) innovation – one that would allow your theme to compete with sites like “MasterClass.com” – Thinkific, Teachable, etc – all of whom offer multi-author marketplace solutions that are very popular.

    I’d be happy to test any theme you create with video or LMS oriented features – I know I shared our FB page with you before (lots of video course creators in our community – http://facebook.com/themindfulmarket) – but I also use Teachable – and Podia.com for video courses now – I know the need for beautiful, ecommerce (subscription oriented) LMS themes on WP is super high – if you build it – I’m happy to promote it to our audience -and support your work.

    Thanks – still love Telly – and hate to see it dropped 🙁


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