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Profile page not working — URGENT!

  • javacafe

    So, my new semester begins tomorrow!

    When I last used my website with the Academy theme, it was working like a champ! That was in mid=December 2019. But, now, the profile page for me — an Admin — does not seem to work. Neither does it work for a regular user. The message is as follows:

    No posts found. Try a different search?
    Sorry, no posts matched your search. Try again using different keywords.

    Any idea what the problem might be?




    After turning off and on some of the plugins things are working somewhat now. (Or, it could be that Ihor has taken some corrective action on the website; I sent him the login credentials).

    I am too afraid to make any changes to the setting at this point. I will let things be as they are.

    ihor Staff

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