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  • Omid

    Hi Ihor

    In Brazil, students have the right to request a refund within 7 days for online courses. Most schools, like ours even advertise this ‘satisfaction guaranteed or 7 day money back’. The problem is that many students take advantage of this, signing up, downloading all the material and then asking for a refund.

    In order to prevent this, we were thinking to create a pre requisite and a 3 day delay between each lessons. But, I’m not sure, if I understand this correctly:

    1. Prerequisite: I would need to make the lesson repeatable, as if not, the student will never see the next lesson, right? If so, would it be possible to put a one day (24h) delay between repeating the quiz? Or is that taking care of with the lesson delay? What happens if the lesson is not repeatable? The quiz result would be final, but, in case of not getting the 70% required to pass, the student could still be able to complete and take the next lesson, even if not meeting having passed the prerequisite lesson?

    2. Lesson delay: is it always from the subscription date? I was thinking adding 3 days in all lessons, but it seems I would have to do the following:
    L1 = 1, L2 = 4, L3 = 7, L4 = 10, etc. Is that the way to do it, counting the days always from the subscription date and not from the last lesson taken?

    Please let me know and again, thanks for your help.

    Best, Omid.

    ihor Staff

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    Thanks for the response, Ihor. Got it.

    Would it be possible to put a limit, how many times the quiz can be taken, i.e. not more than 3x?
    Would it be possible to put a time delay between quizzes? I.e. the quiz can be taken only 1x/24h (or something like that, which is the Coursera model)?

    ihor Staff

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