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Plans checking out with wrong product image

  • Omid

    Hi there

    I have implemented the plans, which now are working. There is only a slight issue, which I need to fix:
    When the student clicks on the ‘BUY’ button when visualizing the Plan, he is redirected to the Checkout Page. There he gets to see the images of the last Course of this Plan, which is even labeled as FREE.

    What did I miss? How can I change this? Students will not understand this, thinking that they are buying the wrong product and the FREE part would be misleading. I would need the image of the actual product to appear there, with the price of the plan.

    Thanks, Omid.


    I was able to figure it out and will put the solution here, as others probably will do the same mistake:

    Not really understanding how to configure things, I have added the courses of the Plan to the Same Product as the Plan, which is redundant. The Courses should only be with the Course Category selected, which then is selected in the Plan. ONLY the Plan should be associated with the product! I’m glad I have finally figured this out and hope this post will help others who went down the same path.

    ihor Staff

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