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Older theme version available?

  • 3unday


    is it possible to get older versions of the theme? I have to relaunch a website, but we’ll still be using the Midway theme. Problem is, the former webmaster did not set up a child theme, but did code changes in the original theme.

    However it’s a relaunch, we’d like to keep some of the changes. Of course the diff-command on my mac puts out too many differing files between the old overridden theme and the new version I purchased know.

    Is it possible to get an older version of the theme to check only the files overridden by the webmaster. The website was built in 2015, so I would try to find out the differences between the overridden theme and the files from version 3.7.

    Thank you veeeryyy much!

    ihor Staff

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    Thank you, great 🙂

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