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  • bankoledada

    Hi there
    I am excited at the capabilities of your website and believe its worth the value
    However, I noticed that the mobile view of the website with regards to the menu is a checkbox sort of view on the mobile view.
    Most of my visitors don’t know how to use this of change pages via this menu
    Could you consider changing the code and making changes on the next update?
    It doesn’t look like a standard mobile menu for me.

    Please advise

    Its a shame we can’t add screenshots here to show you but I use a galaxy note 8 and the mobile view is unacceptable for a website of this value.


    I have sent you an email with a screenshot
    Kind regards


    Re: Notifications

    Is it possible to send a new profile an automated email advising on terms and conditions of use. I expect this would be possible in the email notifications page but there is no guiding information about that

    ihor Staff

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