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Manually grant access to courses?

  • deleveled

    I am having trouble because when I add a course to a plan via course category it seems to be working backwards.

    In otherwords, when I check the box that (I think) represents the plan I want to include the course into, it gives the access to that course to all plans.

    So for example my “basic” course. If i check course categories “basic” & “unlimited.” Now users on the basic course have access to the other courses.

    I don’t quite understand how I can give access to users on the unlimited plan to all the courses?


    to be clearer I have 3 separate basic plans, 1 middle plan, & 1 unlimited plan.

    for the middle plan & unlimited plan i want to add in all the basic plan courses.

    I feel like maybe I should duplicate the courses and add those separately to the plan via course categories?

    ihor Staff

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