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Lots of setup questions!

  • jacobtimothy

    Hey there! Love the theme but a bit confused, first time with a premium theme and limited woocommerce experience.

    1. Is there a way to allow the seller to choose shipping class when adding an item? I understand I can add custom product options but if I used that to allow sellers to choose a ‘shipping class’ product option, I would then have to add that data to all products from the back end to make woocommerce recognize it.

    2. You probably get this all the time, but how do I choose featured shops and featured products, and how is that automatically determined?

    3. How can I change the color of the text and ‘start selling’ button from white (to black for example) on the home page slide?

    4. Where should the ‘Browse items’ button on the home page slide point to? It’s set to my domain /items, which is where my item page is, but when I try the button it directs me to my domain /#. Not sure what happened there or if I messed something round when I switched some pages around… just realized the ‘start selling’ button also points to /# despite the slide editor telling me that it points to my domain /register.

    5. Is is possible to extend the search function to shops as well as products? No big deal if not.

    6. Reviews are essentially wordpress comments, correct? Just checking.

    7. User account page url extension is the user’s email address, is there a way to make it automatically base it off the user name rather than email, or change it from the backend manually per user?

    8. What is the ‘Tracking Code’ option under general theme options for? Would this be a place to put a Facebook pixel or do I need to add it to files manually?

    9. What does ‘Disable Custom Shipping’ theme option do?

    10. Do the custom email notifications in theme options/notifications function in addition to the standard woocommerce ones or do these overwrite those?

    Thanks for your time, so glad there’s a support forum. I really appreciate the theme and your hard work!

    ihor Staff

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