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Long-term perspectives on the theme Academy


    I saw the following info on ThemeForest:

    Please note that this theme will be retired by the end of 2020 since ThemeForest no longer accepts updates for “app themes” (themes with built-in functionality).

    What does it mean? Can you please explain to us the long term perspective of the theme?
    How long will the support be for? Are there plans for a new version and redesign?

    Should we already think about migrating the content to another LMS?
    If such a prospect is realistic, how hard is it to migrate the site? Will it require extensive work, or will it be enough to change the theme to a suitable one?

    Thank you for your comments. I want to take into account the prospects in my work.

    I am generally willing to pay for a new and improved version of the theme. Custom development for our scale is unrealistic.

    ihor Staff

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    Hi CRAFTR —

    Have you found an alternative LMS in your exploration? If you have, would you mind sharing your experience with the rest of us?

    Thank you,



    Hi JC,
    Thank you for reminding me of this problem. I started looking for a replacement a few months ago but have put off this daunting task.
    I have pre-selected a few themes on ThemeForest. Been looking for ones that fit my needs:
    – A newer and more user-friendly interface,
    – easy management and visualisation of lesson applications,
    – site speed,
    – attractive course landing pages,
    – multilingualism and more.
    It seemed to me that it is essential to choose a developer who specialises specifically in LMS. But, unfortunately, a preliminary analysis showed no clear leaders, so the problem remains. Plus, the tabs have gone somewhere; I’ll have to choose again.

    It’s good, you’ve discussed this issue here with our LMS author. I will study these suggestions. Would be happy to hear your impressions from the preliminary search. I think this is the right moment to connect the collective mind to solve our problem.


    Hi CRAFTR,

    From my understanding of things, “themes” is probably not the right way to go about this. ThemeForest has clamped down on themes with “functionalities,” which is why Academy is being phased out. WordPress themes are for “look and feel” — what can also be termed “skins,” whereas plugins are about utility. The LMS is one such utility. So, we need to look for the best (or the most suitable) LMS *plugin*.

    On CodeCanyon (a sister subsite of ThemeForest on envatomarket), you will find several plugins if you search for “LMS.”

    In a separate thread, I have asked for Ihor’s advice on this matter. I am not sure if he will (or can) respond. However, I have narrowed down my search to two WordPress plugins — TutorLMS and LearnPress. I have managed to install both (they have free/basic versions or a money-back guarantee) on two separate sites. However, I will also need to buy themes to make them look polished. (I have narrowed down the choice of themes as well.)

    I think I will pay someone with experience and expertise in these LMS installations to complete my installations. Fiverr appears to have a great collection of such talent, although it is hard to guess who is good and who isn’t.

    I would be interested in knowing what you have found. I wish you good luck in this matter.


    ihor Staff

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    Thank you. It’s excellent that you’ve come this far. I will answer the previous question straight away.

    I have pre-selected three themes:
    1. https://themeforest.net/item/wplms-learning-management-system/6780226 – too complex, but can generate a mobile app.
    2. https://themeforest.net/item/masterstudy-education-center-wordpress-theme/12170274 – looks like the best option for me (fastest one).
    3. https://themeforest.net/item/ecademy-education-lms-wordpress-theme/26701069 – fantastic interface, but it affects the site speed, of course. By the way, it is compatible with TutorLMS.

    As for TutorLMS, I am puzzled by several things. First, the structure of lessons is different from Academy; for example, I heard somewhere that you couldn’t add more than one attachment of the same type. But this still needs to be reviewed. And TutorLMS is likely to take quite a long time to set up.

    I’m also not too impressed with the standard TutorLMS themes, but I’ll have a closer look.

    But what puzzles me the most is that this solution is 10 times more expensive than Academy. So I’m still inclined to look at the previous three options.

    I may not have a good idea of the differences yet; I’d be happy to discuss that.


    Hi JC,
    How’s it going with choosing a new LMS for the site?

    I’m not testing my suggested themes yet and am considering refining the Academy theme by improving the course landing pages. But that may not be the right decision, still thinking it over.

    Which option have you chosen? Can you share your conclusions so far?

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