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  • Omid

    Hi Ihor

    We have a strange anomaly: one user reported that she is entering into the profile of another user. I then checked and indeed, when I log out and click ENTER without putting any information, it opens with the account of another user.

    How can we take this off? It should not enter, when only [user] [••••] appears on the screen, without entering the info. You can check it here: http://www.audioacademy.com.br (click enter without adding name/password).


    I need to add: the same user is not able to enter any classes, as it keeps asking to buy the course. She said it worked before. I’ve then reset her password, entered with her login and the same thing happened. I’ve checked the course and she is enrolled.


    Please ignore the last message. I’ve already solved that one: I’ve used the same course category, used by a plan. Removing it, solved the issue, not being able to access the course.

    The problem of the ‘ghost user’, when a person logs in, without filling out any fields persists, though. It even exposes an email of a user, but with a different photo and username. Very strange.

    ihor Staff

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    That’s exactly what happened. Strangely he used the name of another user, so I couldn’t find him. But, with ‘usuario’ he appeared and changing his password resolved the issue. I won’t erase him, as like this the name ‘usuario’ will be blocked.

    Thanks again for all your help.

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