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Lessons & Quiz not linking properly

  • VenusVenus


    I’ve created a test lesson w quiz and an actual lesson with quiz.  I’ve watched the video and linked up everything accordingly, however, when you click on the QUIZ link via Lesson page, nothing shows up.



    *note – your original quiz shows up.  Mine don’t

    Here http://psychiceyeq.com/course/are-you-psychic/ when you click on the TAKE THE COURSE LINK – it goes nowhere.

    When you click lower down the page ARE PSYCHIC LESSON – the quiz lesson doesn’t appear.  http://psychiceyeq.com/lesson/another-lesson-with-text-content-2/

    Thank you,  I appreciate it.


    ihor Staff

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    I sent you login and password yesterday to both of your emails.  I would really appreciate some assistance in getting this linked up correctly.  NONE of the courses link to any specific page.

    If you could also email your DOCUMENTATION index.html page – I would appreciate it.  I have been unable to open this – it won’t open.

    Thank you.

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