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Lessons are displaced

  • Omid

    Hi Ihor

    I haven’t added new courses for a while and now, when I added a new course, I had a strange anomaly:

    I’ve added the lessons to the course, but it always seems to be offset one lesson to the right. Please see here:

    It might have to do with the attachment, as when I left the first lesson without attachment it returned, but then the second second one jumped to the right. I’ve deleted the lessons, started again, several times, but the problem persists.

    I’m adding them the same way I’ve done before. I appreciate your support.

    Thanks, Omid.

    ihor Staff

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    Hi Ihor

    Thanks for your answer. This was very helpful. I’ve already disabled plugins, rolled back customizations, etc., but the put me onto new ideas. Finally I found the culprit:

    I’ve copied the course from another one (something that I won’t do again) and adapting it, forgot the tag in the Course Side bar Content. It’s a very small window and easy to miss. 🙂

    Now, everything is working perfectly!

    Thank you again! Omid.

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