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How to remove Free Tag in each lesson in paid course of Plan

  • Omid

    Hi there

    I have now created my first plan, which meant duplicating three courses and each lesson and quiz of that course. From what I’ve learned in other forum topics is: each lesson should be marked as ‘Free’, and be reassigned to the Course, which is within the plan, in order to appear in the plan and that the lesson is already protected within the plan.

    The problem is now, that every lesson appears with a FREE tag next to it, which will be very confusing for students who have paid the course. I do love (and want) the free tag for the SAMPLE lessons, I have for each first lesson of the course, which are not part of the plan, but cannot have Free tags for ALL the lessons within the plan.

    How do I resolve this issue?

    I have now marked all the lessons in the Course within that Plan as Premium and can still access them. Have I resolved this correctly?

    Thanks, Omid.

    ihor Staff

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    Hi there

    I’m glad I’ve cleared that up! It makes complete sense. Thanks for letting me know!

    Best, Omid.

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