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How to Create Contact Form Page

  • gabegunlock

    I’m having a problem finding the location to create a contact page using the Replay theme.
    I see there is one on the demo version of the site.
    I also have setup my form under Theme Options > Contact Form

    But how do I now enable this contact form to create a contact page showing the form?


    Hello Gabegunlock,

    I’m just another Replay user, but I can tell you how to do this:

    Create a new page, most likely called ‘Contact’. Press the blue cross and choose ‘Contact Form’ and press ‘Add shortcode’, this line wil appear in the body:

    [block title=”Contact”][contact_form][/block]

    Publish the page and go to Display > Theme Options. Type your own Succes Message, something like: “Thanks a lot for your message, we’ll try to contact you soon!”. And add some fields (with the green + icon) like the ones below:

    Type: Text
    Name:  Name

    Type: Email
    Name: Email

    Type: Message
    Name: Message

    Click the ‘Save Changes’ button and view the page you just created (should be on http://www.yourwebsite.com/contact), there should be a nice contact form now.

    ihor Staff

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