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  • maohua

    as a beginner, I mess up the home page, can you it modify or tell me how to modify it step by step. if you can give me the code of home.
    1. I don’t want the Steps to Find Your Match and Success Stories on the home page. I want keep Featured Profiles with 4 rows and 3 columns.
    2.for the language, I want add Chinese, English, and french. would you tell me which plugin is suitable for.
    3. for the background of home page, I put a photo, but it fit for the computer not for mobile. how can I modify it ?
    4. how can i put the Profile Search on Menu bar, after the Profile.
    thank you advance


    Here my website is : https://bunnyoo.com
    how can I hid Tracking Code which shows on left corner of my website

    ihor Staff

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    thank for you relay
    I have send email to support@themex.co.

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