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  • Omid

    Hi there

    I have just updated to Academy 2.17, using WooCommerce 3.0.1, using WordPress 4.7.3.

    On previous versions I had to use WooCommerce form-checkout.php, as when the user selected two (or more) courses, only the first one would show up in the checkout page, but with the total amount. In previous versions, it was suggested to disable the theme check-out and use the WooCommerce checkout instead.

    Is that still valid? After upgrading the problem of only showing one course at checkout persist. Please let me know. I only want to make sure, as the Academy checkout page is far more elegant than the WooCommerce checkout.

    Thanks, Omid.


    How do you disable the theme check-out? Thanks for your help!


    Access the site via FTP and go to the /themes/academy/woocommerce/checkout folder.

    There, I’ve changed form-checkout.php to _form-checkout.php. This way, you can always go back, taking out the _, if necessary. The site then defaults to the woocommerce checkout.

    Hope that helped.

    Best, Omid.

    ihor Staff

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