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Facebook Registration, Re-directs, and Popularity/Activity Rankings

  • Fitspo

    Hey, I love your theme and it is working very well for us so far! I have a few questions before launching.

    Facebook Login – The Facebook Login button is only present under the “Sign In” form, and not under the “Register” form. I would like that button to be under the “Register” form as well so users understand they can actually create an account with Facebook, not just login to an account. Is this possible?

    – Sometimes when logging in from the header “Sign In” area, even with proper credentials, the form presents a “-1” and takes no action. I fill in the username and PW, hit Sign in, and then the form slides down a bit (like it would for “Invalid Username or Password”) and then just says “-1”. Any ideas?

    – How is course “popularity” ranking determined? Would that be number of students?

    – How is user activity ranking determined? The users shortcode actually just all presents all users…can we make it only users with author role are presented here?

    You can see http://www.fitspoacademy.com for references.


    ihor Staff

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