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DB update broke all my links

  • PragmaticPraxis

    My host, WPEngine, recently did a find and replace in the Database, to replace all the HTTP references with HTTPS. But now all my Lesson links are broken. Is there something in Academy theme that can either quickly fix this, or is there something under the hood that requires HTTP? Or is it just that I need to rebuild all my courses (god I hope not)?


    Further update. Pages, Posts AND Courses are working fine. But Lessons are all broken. Both the links in Courses and the View links when looking at the Lessons.


    Hmm, seems it was Permalinks needing updated, but super odd that only Lessons where affected, not Courses or anything else.

    ihor Staff

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    Yeah, I thought it strange too, so I decided to let you know, in case it points at some code revisions. Thankfully WPEngine was able to get everything back up and running quickly.

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