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Clean database – Clean users

  • Omid

    Hi Ihor

    My site is starting to become rather polluted. I would like to clean the database and also clean all users, who have not bought a course or haven’t logged in for over a year. This is also important, as I had a few incidents, where Spam users registered into the site. With these many users, I have enormous difficulties to find a specific one (i.e. in Statistics).

    1. Database clean up: do you recommend this, or could that be something to be very dangerous?
    2. User clean up: I have seen WP User Cleaner on EnvatoMarket. Would you recommend it?

    Reason asking: I’m afraid cleaning up and at the end having many problems with the site or your theme.

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks, Omid.
    p.s. I have independently requested a quote for you to do this… 🙂

    ihor Staff

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