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  • doso78

    Hallo,  reading the old forum, it seems that it is possible to change font choosing a new one from google and put this inside  Open file absolute/framework/config.php and find this line (710):

    ‘options’ => array(‘Open Sans’ => ‘Open Sans’, ‘Droid Sans’ => ‘Droid Sans’,…

    change it to:

    ‘options’ => array(‘Open+Sans:600,400,400italic’ => ‘Open Sans’, ‘Droid Sans’ => ‘Droid Sans’,

    The problem is that main menu font seems always to be blurred , maybe it is streched, i dont know… is there a special css that i could change to let MENU VOICES less fat and smaller maybe? I Tryed to use normal google fonts but doesnt fit well, unfortunately.
    Thanks a lot, always!


    SOLVED ( for whom may be intrested) :

    for who is intrested: please change the Style.css line 511

    here it is possible to change the Bold section and growing font.


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