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Cannot remove password protection from lesson

  • javacafe

    In one of my courses, I created six lessons, and password protected lessons 2 through 6. Now, as I try to remove the password protection, the update does NOT seem to work! In other words, the lesson that I was trying to unprotect still remains password protected.

    This is a pretty serious situation for me! I have sent an email message to mail@themextemplates.com, with an admin profile and a password.

    I would very much appreciate your attention to this matter at your earliest convenience.



    I tried to remove the password protection for lesson 3 using “Quick Edit.” That seems to work. Why might this happen?

    ihor Staff

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    Thank you for attempting to help.

    It seems something more significant is going on.

    First an attempt to update a plugin failed (I got the error message along the lines of “Could not create folder.”)

    Second, after clicking on the Update button, the next page after refreshing is the Posts page!!

    Third, no update is actually taking place.

    Could this be a permissions problem? Is there any way to check this? (I am now completely panicked! Any help will be appreciated.)

    Interestingly, this problem does not seem to be occurring with the sample lessons that can with the theme. Should I delete the lessons and recreate them?

    Please try to edit any of the lessons I have created (feel free to make a small change to a word in the first sentence, for example), and try to save it. It does not save. 🙁


    I think I have found the problem (and, therefore, a resolution)! 🙂

    The website had exhausted the space that was available for it. This, I am sure was causing problems when new folders or temporary backup copies needed to be created for updating posts, etc.

    Increasing the disk space availability limit made all the problems go away.

    Thank you for your help in this matter. I am sorry to have bothered you for an issue that was at my end.

    Warm regards,


    ihor Staff

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