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  • PragmaticPraxis

    I don’t know if this is more of a theme question, or a WordPress question, or even if it is possible, but here goes anyway.

    I use Academy theme to sell a piece of software to companies, with multiple people needing access to the “course”. I host various resources in an Amazon S3 bucket accessed via CloudFront and secured with WAF. What I would love to be able to do includes
    1: Create “Company” users, that can be assigned to a course, with regular users assigned to the company and thus having access to the materials.
    2: Have a “Company ID” and the ability to query the WordPress database via the REST API to verify off a particular company is assigned to a certain course.
    3: Configure a WAF rule that takes a Company ID for an HTTP header and uses the REST API to verify the company is a member of the course.
    4: Configure my software to do a download from CloudFront with that Company ID in the web request header, thus only getting thew download if the company is properly enrolled.

    I know, lots of moving parts there, and maybe not possible to do without a lot of custom code. But, with what various APIs are capable of, I am hoping this is possible. Honestly I feel like Company “users” with regular users as members that can integrate with Academy theme courses/WooCommerce products might actually be the sticking point. Anyone have any insights?

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