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Academy theme and Stripe integration

  • PragmaticPraxis

    Has anyone migrated from Mijireh & WooCommerce and can share their solution? Currently I am using WooCommerce for Product management since it integrates well with Academy theme. I have Mijireh as the payment gateway to comply with especially European security requirements, and I have WooCommerce plugins to handle invoice PDFs and EU VAT calculations. But now Mijireh is folding because Stripe is handling the security back end, and WP Simple Pay is the recommended WP Plugin for Stripe integration, but it seems to be a simplistic piece off junk that bypasses WooCommerce so it doesn’t integrate with Academy theme, doesn’t handle Eu VAT, doesn’t handle invoice PDFs and requires separately creating a payment page for every possible price. Hopefully someone has already been down this road and can share their experience. or perhaps Ihor has some insights into the situation, as I suspect lots of Themex customers also have been using WooCommerce/Mijireh/Stripe.

    ihor Staff

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    Indeed, I discovered the Stripe Gateway for WooCommerce and it seems to be working well. When I contacted Stripe the only thing they could recommend was WP Simple Pay, which looks like a pretty horrible solution, even with the $99/year “pro” version.

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