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  • Yuichue

    Hi everyone!

    I thought that it would be great to share with you a website that contains step by step tutorials on how to create an Online Courses Website with the Academy Theme. It could answer alot of questions that you may have. From installing the theme, creating courses, to implementing SEO and Submitting the website to Google for indexing, the steps are very well detailed.

    Here is the website:

    Hope this is helpful 🙂
    Let’s continue to have fun with the Academy Theme!



    Great Thank You for that


    Thank you!


    I think this link is also usefull as the updates to WC 2.1+ is available.


    Also another description from the developer:



    Can you please provide a detailed instruction on how to update the theme. Download and save to where? Host? Upload to site from pc? Thanks


    Hi Actavion,

    There are several ways to update a Theme.

    1. If you have made a lot of customization (changing codes in files), it is advised that you use a Child Theme. By using a Child Theme, the customization you have made to the css file and the php files (usually the function.php file) will not be overwritten by the updated theme files. To read about how to create Child Theme, please refer to this post: https://managewp.com/how-to-create-a-child-theme

    2. If you did not do much customization, you can actually remove the old theme version in Appearance/Themes and install the new one there. You can refer to an answer from Themex to another member there: http://themextemplates.com/forums/topic/how-to-update-the-theme-2/

    3. And if you know which files have been modified, you can also just replaced these files by ftp so you don’t need to remove and reinstall all the files. But you have to make sure that you did not customized these files, if so, you will have to redo your customization or it is recommended to create a Child Theme to keep these modifications.


    i cant find WooCommerce Endpoints..
    is it a same thing : WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce ?

    ihor Staff

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    It looks like Academy loads all CSS and Javascripts inside framework modules by using config.php. I have to add to my child theme a jQuery module but I do not know how to include it. In fact, if I copy header.php in my child theme, I have a very simple <head> section, and if I add there my <script> elements, they could be loaded BEFORE that jQuery main script is loaded by the theme. So, what’s the “polite” approach?

    ihor Staff

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    Good Morning
    I just look in the forum but I can not find the answer: Es that there was a way to pass the theme Academy in french . Thank you for your answer

    ihor Staff

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    Good Evening
    Thank you for your quick response . Thank you for help, has soon


    Thanks for your response. I have embed your given short code [courses number="8"] in my homepage. Nothing happen at my home page. so please help me to resolve this issue.


    There is one more issue in my site. I want to change layout of my courses created through woo commerce same as your default popular courses shown in your theme. Here is my Url :-
    So please give me a solution to resolve this layout issue. Thanks with Regards.

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