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  • Vipboy

    Thank you, Marc, and sorry to bother you. I finally understood that the background image is as big as the course description window.

    By the way, I am still fighting with sidebars. How did you get yours to display properly? Are you using any plugin? I saw you have several sidebars in your course page, but I couldn´t get the same by just creating sidebars and widgets.

    Will you share any ideas with me?

    Many thaks for your kind support.


    This is a great theme and expecting some more great feature from this theme in their future updates.


    Hola Mark Centelles! A mi me gustaría poder ingresar en algunos de tus y te te puyado dar “Feedback”

    También me interesa saber si me puede decir como hiciste la traducción a español en los botones.

    Yo instale el plug in: CodeStyling Localization pero no me tradujo los textos en los botones. No encuentro el documento que debo editar. Me ayudas por favor?

    Marc Centelles

    Hola Benjamin, utilicé este plugin e ir traduciendo todo. Te debería funcionar también para los botones. Saludos,

    Marc Centelles

    Para el feedback ok. Apúntate y te doy acceso gratis.


    I’ve just completed a short course on how to open a presentation.


    I’m looking for comments and feedback – both what you like and any suggestions.

    This site/course is just me “dipping my toes into the water” before building a much larger and more complex course on how to design a presentation. That course will have a fee.

    Warmest, Tony


    Congratulations for your site. I really enjoyed.
    Want to know how you manage your affiliates, you use a plugin for this?
    A hug, and success.


    Hello from Vancouver Canada!
    I love the Academy theme and welcome your feedback.


    (coincidentally, my site also uses the name academy)

    Hopefully, the first Classes and lessons will be uploaded in a few days (still tweaking).

    The apps which are mentioned are here: http://www.littlecomposers.com/apps.html


    ooops, I spelled my URL wrong (too many wwww)

    My online music lessons site is:


    Sorry about that 🙂


    I absolutely love this theme I’m so glad I found it. I would love some feedback on my first version of the site.




    This is the site of our school based on a child version of Academy theme. I like it but the result on iPad and iPhone is not what I expected. Is there a way to improve it on mobile devices?


    ihor Staff

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    Hi dejudicibus,

    I absolutely love what you did! On the piano formativo page, how did you get the tabs to move when they are hovered over? Also, on the page Specializzazioni e Aggiornamenti, how did you make the red animated buttons that say “Vedi i corsi” upon roll over? 🙂


    Here is my website: willmarlowtraining.com – I’d love any feedback! My site is aimed at marketing agencies that need to train their staff in AdWords, Google Analytics, and SEO in order to manage campaigns on behalf of clients.


    Hi, all!

    I tried to view http://www.jengordon.com, but all I get is a message that the server has been reset, Problem loading page error.

    I have http://quiltedonline.com, offering online art quilt classes to patchwork quilters. With some 25,000,000 patchwork quilters in the US alone, each spending an average of USD$8,000 per year on fabrics, tools and equipment, it’s a huge market. Two other sites, craftsy.com and academyofquilting.com offer online classes, so you can see my competition.

    I taught online for ten years for a third site which closed end 2013, so I became the new number 3 in the list by going independent in July 2014! Although for now I run only my classes, I have a few other people writing classes of their own now, and doing it directly on the site, so we’ll soon have other teachers’ classes on offer.

    It’s been a lot of work, especially the blogging itself and dealing with a few technical hitches along the way, but I love the way this experience is stretching me personally. The fact that I can run my own business from “the bush” in East Africa is a real joy!

    The site was designed by Chris Badgett, BadgettMedia.com. Feedback most welcome!!


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