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  • sunil_gulati


    New York Institute of Finance and Technology

    Badgett Media


    Organic Life Guru is an online organic gardening education platform.

    I’m having a lot of success with the Stripe extension from Woo to accept credit card payments on the site if you’re looking for an alternative to Paypal.

    I enjoyed looking at everyone’s sites here. Thanks for sharing!


    Interesting that you have a form in the description page of courses. What form is it? My guess it is a contact form. I don’t speak your language 🙂
    And why do you place a form in that flow?


    Does anyone else have a cool site to show off? Would love to see more awesome examples of the theme being implemented!


    Hi David (@jatuv),

    Interesting widget at the course detail page sidebar.
    Would you share how you create the Detalles and Comparte widgets?

    Marc Centelles

    Hi @rahy, I’ve done it too. In my case I use the section shortcode in the course sidebarcontent I want to put this “Detalles” info. Or if it’s something that is going to be the same in all the courses I put it in WP widgets as a TEXT (as I do with Comparte).

    You can check it here: http://www.onlineschoolofmarketing.com/curso/marketing-digital/

    Here you have what I use in those areas:

    1- Detalles in the course sidebar content (you should use your own images):

    [section title=”Detalles”]
    <span style=”vertical-align: middle;”>7 horas y 56 minutos</span></br>
    <span style=”vertical-align: middle;”>69 lecciones</span>

    Comparte in the Appearance/Widgets/ and add a Text Widget under the Course Area (as it’s the same for all the courses).
    Then you put the title “Comparte”/”Share” and you add your social buttons shortcode. In my case I use shareaholics plugin for wordpress and I add the shortcode that I’ve created with this plugin: [shareaholic app=’share_buttons’ id=’HERE_THE_ID_NUMBER’]

    I also use a great testimonials widget in this area that I discovered this week and I want to share it, as it works with the current Academy testimonials that you are using and it’s pretty easy to use: http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-testimonials/

    PD: David (@jatuv), how did you create the teachers section in your homepage? and how did you create this footer. I’m not a developer and I haven’t done any code costumization in my theme, but I would like to know if there is any plugin or solution to do something similar without code costumizations.

    Marc Centelles

    Sorry, it appears the image instead of the code, the full code is:
    [section title=”Detalles”]
    <span style=”vertical-align: middle;”>7 horas y 56 minutos</span></br>
    <span style=”vertical-align: middle;”>69 lecciones</span>

    In my case I use icons that I have created about 25×25. But I had to put the image icon in the upper part of 25×21 and leave 4px above the image to try to center it with the text. I don’t know any other solution but I sure it should be.

    Marc Centelles

    How, great plugins! I will try them! All of them very usefull.
    Anyone also knows some good plugin to modify the footer in the Academy theme?


    Thanks for the info. That’s what I wanted to have to display logos but didn’t know about them. So I just bought other slider plugins, which performs well and fucntion as I want.
    But it lack of the image management show it is not easy to categorize the images according to certain category (sponsor, client, etc).


    another question: are the plugins you mentioned compatible with Academy’s user system (user data like in the profile page).


    Value&options investing club for russian-speaking auditory.
    Project exists since 2010, but was fully and successfully transferred on academy platform a week ago.
    Courses are investment cases and annual videoprojects here.


    Hi there guys. My project is to create 12 business in 12 months, i have started TheSkillShed.com in January a skill sharing platform, i am currenly having issues with the site, with creating categories and then multiple users promoting their courses, in the demo content at /courses/all/ it works but i cannot get individual users names and prices any help would be great. Skype me: jordan.boon

    Site only became live 14th Feb

    ihor Staff

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    Here’s my site:


    Still “tweaking” it…

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