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  • Loreen72

    WOW!!!  These are some great sites which are really custom designed!!  I never would have known they were all the same theme!  I’ve got mine in a test area and just started modifications today – I’ll post the link when I get something which doesn’t look like the actual template!



    I’m amazed and jealous how wondeful sites there are. How an earth someone can build so facinating websites…

    I’m working with my lifelong project and trying to make up e-learning materials in basic computer skills (for junior high school pupils, maybe later someone else).  Still working on it…


    (there might be temporarily restricted site access cause of little FB-login problem, sorry about that)

    -Jouko J


    My site is coming along.  It’s still in test/draft mode and needs more work – but should be ready to roll out to my students next month!



    Hi jcegordon, I really like your site, in particular the chat box looks good.


    Is that a plugin?

    Marc Centelles

    Welcome everyone! I’ve just boughted he theme yesterday! I’ll be working on it during the next days/weeks and I will post it here too!

    I really love all the website you’ve been posting here! It’s a great idea @awaghlis!! I’ll be checking them in more detail while building mine in orther to get fresh ideas!





    My website is: http://www.kursegitim.com/


    Hi All…..

    Great to see so many different versions 🙂

    Here is ours….. http://www.visionlearningacademy.co.uk

    Marc Centelles

    Hi, here you have my website! It’s now life and running! I’m very happy to announce it as I really like this WP theme and has exactly all that I need to run my school!!  🙂 Good Job Themex! I can say it’s a good theme cause since I changed from my old theme to this new one the number of students who register to the website have increased a lot!

    Here you have the URL: http://www.onlineschoolofmarketing.com/

    For anyone speaking/understanding spanish who like the kind of courses I’m teaching I invite you to enroll to some course for free in return for some feedback about how everything is running and how will you improve the site, if you need some cupon just ask me vía my website contact form.





    will appreciate any good or bad 🙂 inputs.





    Any ecommerce inputs. i started this online store OJAYO.com 3-4 months back. it is now ranking on google page 2 for keyword sap training which is my specialization.

    everything is fine except one thing, online sales. Online sales are drastically low.

    any suggestions



    Hi everybody,

    Here is my new project: http://www.tenerifeacademy.com

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Best regards


    Marc Centelles

    Muy chulo Fernando! Mucha suerte con el proyecto! 🙂


    Muchas gracias Marc!!! Igualmente te digo


    Hi @segebee,

    First, congratulations for your website. I am interested on the plugin that you have used for the social networks. Please, could you tell me the name of this plugin?

    Thanks in advances.



    Hi fernando,

    I put the addthis code from addthis.com in my header…

    Did this in the header section of the theme options panel

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