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ACADEMY IS GOING AWAY! (As are all other themes)

  • javacafe

    According to ihor, “Academy theme is being retired . . . ” This is terrible news, and it breaks my heart!

    Among the very few high points in my life, my Academy-driven website was one of the brightest. I understand that this must happen because Themeforest will not permit themes with functionalities anymore.

    I was hoping that ihor would release a plugin version of Academy (as opposed to a theme-based approach).

    Would it not work if ihor continued to sell the current theme version on his own website? Perhaps not. I don’t know enough about his business and circumstances to pass any judgment about this. But, it does not seem that he will do either — create a plugin version or distribute Academy independently, 🙁

    While it is very likely that our installed versions will continue to function for several months (or even a few years), it is probably a good time to start testing out other LMS plugins for WordPress.

    So, which ones are you all looking at? Where are you going to go from here?

    It would be nice if this post were made sticky. But, I am not sure that will happen. (What other projects will ihor be involved with in the future? So many questions . . . )

    Take care, you all, and stay safe!


    ihor Staff

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    I am likely going to continue to use Academy for several months in the future. However, it is time, I think, to start exploring alternatives — there are too many alternatives today, and it is quite bewildering! Also, for many non-techy people, switching over will take time (perhaps several weeks or a few months). I need to be prepared for the day when it will suddenly stop working.

    You said, “If you decide to move your site to another LMS solution, I recommend choosing a theme build for some popular free and frequently updated LMS plugin.”

    Would you mind sharing the names of such “popular free and frequently updated LMS plugin?” Since your experience in this area is formidable, I am requesting your guidance here. I realize that this is not something you are required to answer. However, if you do, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you!


    ihor Staff

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    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.



    Hi JC,
    How’s it going with choosing a new LMS for the site?

    I’m not testing my suggested themes yet and am considering refining the Academy theme by improving the course landing pages. But that may not be the right decision, still thinking it over.

    Which option have you chosen? Can you share your conclusions so far?

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